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(Solved): You were walking through the desert with your friend when you stumbled upon an odd-looking suit. Yo ...

You were walking through the desert with your friend when you stumbled upon an odd-looking suit. You tried it on and instantly shrunk down to the size of a large molecule and were swept into your friend’s body by the wind. You were definitely a bit freaked out, but figured it was a pretty good opportunity to study some anatomy and physiology. Part of your suit was shaped like a cholesterol molecule and so you entered a cell through receptor- mediated endocytosis. a. Describe the steps of the process by which you entered your friend’s cell. b. Once inside you saw ATP being produced in the mitochondria. What is ATP composed of and where does it store energy? c. You also saw the ATP being broken down to power active processes. What is the general term for the enzyme that breaks down ATP? What is the function of enzymes? d. You realized that the enzyme was part of a myosin molecule and that there were many overlapping filaments around you that were moving around. You noted that fact that muscle cells couldn’t have endocytosed you, but decided not to focus on it. Instead, you were excited to actually witness the cross-bridge theory of muscle contraction for yourself! Describe what you saw in front of you by describing this theory. e. Eventually, you discovered that if you touched progressively larger levels of organization within the skeletal muscle you started growing bigger (but without destroying your friend). Once you touched an entire muscle you were ejected from your friend and returned to your normal size. Starting with the thick and thin filaments and ending with the entire muscle, what structures did you have to touch to escape? For each level of organization that has a connective tissue layer surrounding it name that layer.

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