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(Solved): What do you think about this topic, how would you respond to this. What can you add that might not b ...

What do you think about this topic, how would you respond to this. What can you add that might not be mention and could be an important part.

Attitude to me has been influenced by social learning. Seeing how others were treated whether it was a good situation or a bad one is how I acquired my attitude. As I child, I underwent an intense amount childhood trauma. My father was very abusive towards my mother, physically and emotionally. For as long, as I can remember, until the age of 8 years old I witnessed this. As I became older, my attitude became of not being afraid but to be more valiant. I stood up to my father, I would stand in front of him, sometimes hit him, to stop inflicting pain on my mother. Ever since then, I remember having an attitude that nothing or no one will ever stop me. I always knew that at points people, will tell me no, or that doors would close but I would never let it get me down. I have met others in my life, including family who have taken their trauma into a different direction. I tend to think that I did not go into that direction because of the attitude that I took so early on. “Many people with a history of childhood trauma can and do establish healthy relationships in adulthood, often with the help of therapy or other forms of support.” (Zaraki How childhood trauma affects us as adults - healing the heart) My attitude in life became that everything happens to us for a reason whether it is good or bad. My beliefs are that God puts us in situations, that will only make us stronger, we all endure different paths and to me that’s just something that I will never change. As an adult now I have anxiety and depression, it’s a battle that I am not willing to lose, I have maintained my same attitude towards life, and I will continue to do so for as long as I can. I have experience cognitive dissonance in my life. Once you have children, there are certain aspects of what you thought before changes, your beliefs change and what you thought was right before doesn’t seem so right anymore. I do belief that at some point in our life we all experience this.

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It is evident from your personal experience that your attitude has been shaped by social learn...
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