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(Solved): Picture a feminist. Do you visualize a sex positive, independent woman, a married stay at home mom, ...

Picture a feminist. Do you visualize a sex positive, independent woman, a married stay at home mom, or an educated female business mogul? Characterized by Oxford Languages as the advocacy of womens rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes, the concept of feminism has been redefined over the years. Based upon the campaign for womens rights, Feminism has shape shifted throughout its waves. Thus, taking on numerous different forms. Feminism once sought the equal rights of women. In recent years, the idea of womens sexual liberation has spread. I question this, it seems as though we cannot escape objectification even within our own approaches. Women & Men contrast uniquely, down to our biology. Are we truly meant to be equal? Has feminism truly empowered the modern woman, or has it manipulated us into victims of societys exploit? When we hear feminism, we think of womens rights. Just within the last 100 or so years, women have gained voting rights, equal pay & a semblance of reproductive rights as a result of historical feminist movements. Weve recently witnessed these rights can be transient- what the government giveth, the government taketh away. The efforts of the feminist movement have subjected women to a work focused, tiring lifestyle. Some feminists may take form of triggered women with funky colored hair undraped in public, protesting for womens sexual liberation. We may remember the free the nipple movement rampant on social media. This feels alike to pressure; great deals of women do not wish to slave away at work or put their bodies on display free for all to see. The masses may perceive these aspects of so-called feminism as aggressive & unpleasant. As a woman, this gives the feeling of exploitation by a movement I thought was created to empower me. Consequentially, I feel distressed for the impressionable children bearing witness to these spectacles. I worry, are women & children falling victim to this radical form of feminism? Perhaps due to these aforementioned protesting feminists, I fear the term feminism has gained a negative connotation & lost its true essence. I am completely in support of the clothing does not equal consent perception & we should be able to express ourselves freely without fear of assault. Yet, I do not believe wearing revealing clothing & being overtly sexual rewards women or in any way makes our position more equal to that of men. We shouldnt place on public display what was once held sacred then call ourselves positive role models. While nudity may empower a minority of women, I do not believe young girls should be led to believe that empowerment is synonymous with nakedness. Nudity does not equal equality. Woman have been launched into the workforce by modern day feminism, for some woman their career is of utmost importance and of course that is valid. However, for the women who does not wish to be compared to men or work at the same rate expected of men, that is valid as well. Biologically, men are physically stronger & larger in size than compared to woman. Women have a hormonal cycle so our energy fluctuates through out the month, while mens energy is usually stable. I believe this is divinely contrasted so men can protect and provide for women. This brings us back to early theories of men as hunters & women as gatherers. Spiritually, feminine energy is sacred. Being within a fast paced, work heavy career may empower one women while depleting another. A balance of feminine & masculine energy is important, especially when it comes to raising children or just leading a balanced lifestyle. Women should not be in competition with or compared to men, because factually we are different. We as women should be valued for our minds, our intrinsic beauty, our accolades, our valuable contributions to society, our unique ability to create precious life. I believe men should have to contribute to our lives in meaningful ways to be granted access to us or share vulnerable moments with us. True feminism is women supporting women, men supporting women. The entire population can & should be feminist. We should be protected, respected & regarded as the divine beings we are. We are the life source of the human population & provide sacred feminine energy. True feminism helps provide encouragement & resources to women, to support us in making positive decisions towards reaching our goals; whether that be the pursuit of an education, starting a business or getting married & raising a family. Feminism is not women devaluing themselves to parade bare in the streets while men gawk or have casual intercourse with these undeserving men. Feminism is not a woman expending her energy at a harsh job. Feminism is empowering women through our rights & education. As women, we should build other women up & encourage each other to only accept high value experiences, such as lucrative, comfortable career offers. We should only allow hard working men into our lives that build us up & contribute in a positive way. Feminism is setting high standards & being exemplary for the future generations of women to come. Feminism is the removal of obstacles and barriers in the paths of all women. The goal of true Feminism is the freedom of women to make their own choices, pursue their dreams & create a life that is both fulfilling & fruitful. Its time for women to take back feminism....give review

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