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(Solved): Introduction to Data WarehousingQuestions:1) When figuring out the system size for a Data Warehouse ...

Introduction to Data Warehousing


1) When figuring out the system size for a Data Warehouse / BI System, what are the four key influencing factors? Include a couple of considerations associated with each. (10 marks)


(a) Describe the various options you have for dealing with latency requirements in a warehouse. Include a few points for each option which distinguishes them from the other options (7 marks)

(b) Also make sure you describe clearly what an operational data store is in comparison to the data warehouse. (3 marks)

3) If you were asked to build a “never down” (highly available) data warehouse, what are the various deployment considerations you must consider. Make sure to include a point or two of description for each one. (10 marks)

4) Define what an ETL system is. Describe the difference between ETL and ELT. Describe a few considerations associated with each of the E, T and L stage. What are some considerations associated with the ETL system overall? (10 marks)

5) List ten “best practice” capabilities you should (or should not) use when building your physical data warehouse. Think in terms of your CREATE TABLE command and what you would / would not want to leverage. (10 marks)

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When figuring out the system size for a Data Warehouse/BI System, the four key influencing factors a...
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