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(Solved): A rectangular loop of wire with sides H=23cm and W=53cm carries current l2=0.236 A. An infin ...

student submitted image, transcription available below
A rectangular loop of wire with sides and carries current A. An infinite straight wire: located a distance an from segment ad of the loop as shown, carnes current in the postive -direction 1) What is the -componest of the force oxarted by the infinste wire on segment ad of the loop? 2) What is F,on thex-component of the force exerted by the infinite wris on segment bc of the toop? 3) What is Fian the -comporent of the net force exertid by the infinte wits on the loop? in this wire. The toop now espellences a net force of awo What is the deectoon af by? diong the posalive r-dukction diong the negative y-diuction: 0 5. What is ve moprode of in?

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Force exerted by an infinite wire on a segment is    ,Where r is the distance from infinite wire to ...
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