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(Solved): "Revenue by Sales Rep QueryThe company is planning on evaluating the success of each tier of sales r ...

"Revenue by Sales Rep Query
The company is planning on evaluating the success of each tier of sales representative. The previous CEO had been considering raises at each level, but he was working from older data. You will provide a list of total revenue earned by each sales rep tier for the year before the current CEO started to best inform her decision making.

Create a copy of the Revenue and Cost by Country query named Revenue by Sales Rep.
Switch to Design view of the new query and remove the entire Customers table, the TotalCost, and OrderDate fields. Add the Sales Rep table. Add the Title field from the Sales Rep table and move it to the front of the TotalRevenue field.
Run the query and examine the summary records; there should be four sales rep titles listed.
Switch to Design view and change the sort order so that the title with the highest TotalRevenue is first and the title with the lowest TotalRevenue is last.
Run the query and verify the results.
Save and close the query.
Close the database and exit Access. Based on your instructor’s directions, submit a03c1Games_LastFirst."

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Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to complete the task of creating the "Revenue by Sales ...
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