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(Solved): "Customer Payments QueryThe CEO wants the salespeople to discuss financing with customers. In order ...

"Customer Payments Query
The CEO wants the salespeople to discuss financing with customers. In order to do so, she asked you to create a query showing the impact on price for prior orders. This way, the reps can give customers a comparison with an order they have already placed. For the moment, she is considering a 5% interest rate, paid over 12 months. She wants you to leave the results as negative numbers.

Create a copy of the Revenue and Cost by Country query named Customer Payments.
Switch to Design view of the new query and remove the Country, TotalCost, and OrderDate fields. Add the FirstName and LastName fields. Move the TotalRevenue field to the end. Rename the TotalRevenue field to OrderTotal. Change the caption to Order Total.
Add a new field using the Expression Builder named SamplePayment. Insert the Pmt function with the following parameters:

Use 0.05/12 for the rate argument (5% interest, paid monthly).
Use the number 12 for the num_periods argument (12 months).
Use the calculated field [OrderTotal] for the present_value.
Use the value 0 for both future_value and type.

Change the Total row to Expression for the SamplePayment field.
Change the Format for the SamplePayment field to Currency.
Run the query and examine the results. Adjust column widths to display all data. The results appear as negative numbers, as requested. Save and close the query."

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